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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Colorful Chaos


Size: 25" X 21"

For October 2007, it was my turn to present the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge to the group, and what I proposed was to create a piece that gives a sense of motion, using embellishment to help. Despite having such advance notice of the challenge, I had no inspiration for my piece until Wednesday after the challenge!

I started off by going wild with the shape, then machine appliquéing a couple pieces with plenty of motion of their own. Then I dove into my stash of ribbons and trim, and twisted them around; they got sewn in with beads. This has to be the wildest piece I have ever made and so far, the only abstract one! And, Colorful Chaos won a 2nd prize in the Framingham Artists Guild art show the following spring.

Colorful Chaos: Collage
Colorful Chaos: Collage Fire and Ice: Collage Waterfall: Collage Purple Pooch: Collage
Tropical Storm
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