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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Still Life with Flowers


Size: 18ΒΌ" x 15"

The first Fast Friday Fabric Challenge for 2007, this month's theme was a still life using techniques to show dimension. I tried using the shape of the piece as if the bowl of flowers were sitting on a table at a corner of a room and a hall going back, and it was only a partial success, I'm afraid! However, when I put the picture on my desktop at work, the first reaction when I showed it to a co-worker was "Is that flat?", so it worked to some extent!

The flowers were cut from scraps of fabric I was given by a seamstress in a Mayan village on a recent trip to Belize. The doily is an actual crocheted one (not by me!) which I tried to stretch into an oval shape in another attempt to create a sense of dimension.

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