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Big Tree

Size: ~7' 6" x 5' 3"

Big Tree: Collage

Big Tree is a piece that was commissioned in 2008, after my first solo show, and yes, the dimensions above, though approximate, are real. It is between 7½ and 8 feet tall, and about 5'3" wide. The couple who commissioned it had a room which was about nine feet tall on the left, and twice that on the right, following the slope of the roof, with a small fireplace in the middle. The wall was painted pottery red, and needed something to fill the space. They had seen my show, contacted me, and I had my first commission!

I selected various home decor fabrics, because of their generally larger patterns, mostly in browns but pulling in a couple of reds to connect with the background of the red wall. Each piece was edged with scraps of dupioni silk, and mounted on a piece of foam core, with batting to give depth, and then all the pieces were arranged and overlapped to give further depth, and sewn to each other. A lacy fabric was added to fill gaps, and also allow the wall's color to show through. The trunk was made separately, out of dupioni silk with a nice texture to it.

I discovered, however, when it came time to install it, that the top part simply would not fit in my car, because the part that the back seats hook into restricted the space too much. My client then came over with her van and took the top part, and the trunk went into my trunk, and off it went!

It was up for just about four years, when I got a call from her, saying that she had redecorated the room, and with a TV and shelves on that wall, she no longer had a place for it; would I like it back?

So this is the tree that has now come home to me.
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