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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Someday I'll Understand Frequency

Size: 30" x 26½"

In a private collection

Someday I'll Understand Frequency: Collage

This challenge collage was to be sparked by a piece of spam e-mail, and the one I chose actually made it past all the screening and was the first spam received after the challenge was issued. The poetry following all the pictures of watches and handbags was stolen from the poet who goes by the name of "Epic Dewfall" ( (I am grateful for the permission granted to use this verse.)

The first verse struck me as special enough to be the focus of my piece. I also pulled pictures of watches from the e-mail and scattered them around. The pieces of petals came from something I started at Robbi Joy Eklow's class a year ago, which I knew I would never finish, but they fit the clockwork theme.

The clock hands are cut from black mat board, painted with pewter Lumiere paint, and needed to be glued down. If I had planned a bit better, I would have made sure they would not directly overlap any of the text.

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