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Landscape Warm and Cool

Size: 20" x 20"

Not for sale

Landscape Warm and Cool: Collage

This is a "grab-bag" quilt, made from fabrics and various embellishments sent to me from another quilt artist, and she is now the owner of this piece, as I now own one made by a woman who received a grab bag that I provided. The bag I received had batiks in oranges in dark to medium shades and blues ranging from turquoise to darker blues and purple, along with some pieces of ribbon, orange and blue buttons and a generous piece of the film that Angelina is made from. Plus, there was one large piece which combined the oranges and light blues with wonderful trees and flowing lines which I knew from the start would form the basis of my piece. The fabrics were pretty evenly divided between warm and cool colors, and the pieces aligned themselves more or less along the sides of a strip of orange-y checked material, crossed with a light blue overlaid with a darker tulle-like ribbon. I added a bit of my own Angelina film, and cut them in strips before fusing them together to accentuate the orange divider; they all ended up looking orange, even though mine were a blue shade! The brightest orange and blue ended up in the center, and the buttons on those are the only ones that are different from the fabrics. The only addition I made was the backing/border material. It is not quite a landscape, not fully an abstract piece, so the title perhaps gives an indication of how it partakes of both.

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