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Size: 25" X 21"


I joined another challenge group recently where the starting point is simply a word, and this month it was "mask". From the beginning, I wanted to go from the viewpoint of looking out through a mask, but that requires a scene to be viewed through it. Browsing through photos on Webshots, I soon came to Mardi Gras scenes, and pulled in several shots of the fantastic floats in the annual parade. Two of these were themselves masks; I collaged them first in Photoshop with some adjustment of colors and contrast, and printed them on fabric. The next step was sewing lines of black thread to outline the features, and some Lumiere® paint to brighten them, then black gauze for the main mask.

At this point my thoughts focused on adding purple feathers, but I could not find any, and instead picked up some purple eyelash trim. Yet this didn't seem to belong as part of the mask. The eye holes and mask edge did need to be better defined, and since there was not yet any gold color, I pulled out a spool of metallic gold thread, with a yellow Sulky® blendable thread, chose one stitch pattern for the eyes and another for the edge. The edges were bound with black cotton, then the eyelash trim went over the seam, and suddenly, it seemed, the piece was complete.

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