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Fairy in the Fen

Size: 12" x 10"


Fairy in the Fen: Collage

This collage had its start in the summer of 2008 at the Arts in the Green booth in Framingham, MA, as part of the community Concert on the Green. I was the artist-demonstrator, and had this mostly pieced together but only partially sewn. The background, from the blue of the pond to the upper green and orange area is a single piece of batik. It moved to the back burner for several months until I pulled it out and finished the sewing. I decided on a traditional art quilt mounting, with a piece of brown as a binding and backing. Something was missing, though: a fairy floating in the air. For this I used metallic foil and glitter, creating a figure that is there but almost not there, holding a wand radiating power from its tip. A few beads to accent the figure made it complete.

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