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Leaving Home

Size: 24½” x 16¼”


Fast Friday Fabric Challenge
Leaving Home: Collage

This Fast Friday Fabric Challenge was for a scene from Space, using embellishments, and the black satin just called out to me for the background. The only other fabric that I used in this piece was a piece of polyester, bought in Jordan, scraps from a blouse I just finished, which had even the basic shapes which I only smoothed out. The rocket shape came from one of a copyright-free NASA photo, and I used metallic foils for it. Then Angelina® fiber, with paper foil stars embedded in it, an experiment that only partially worked, because if the Angelina is thick enough, the stars don't show up, and if it's thin, they aren't held in very well. I added beads in part to help hold the Angelina on.

The earth came from another photo from the NASA archives, printed on photo transfer paper and ironed onto cloth. It was when I put that in that the title became obvious.

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