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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Pumpkin Patch

Size: 20" x 17"


Pumpkin Patch: Collage

The challenge for this piece was to use a triadic color scheme, three colors evenly spaced around the color wheel. So, as I started this, I pulled out some greens and oranges, and found them used together in a few different pieces, most prominently in a piece with bright pumpkins and other vegetables, and a couple pieces with leaves. Adding purple, the third color of the triad, felt a bit forced at first. I had the light patterned fabric for the background, and dark purple for the tree trunk, but it took a trip to the store to find the right textured purple fat quarter which I cut and put on top of the solid color. The vegetable "rising" out of the green leafy patch is an artichoke, from the same fabric as the pumpkins, which I had cut out and almost discarded, but somehow it fell into place.

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