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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Palm Point


Size: 22½" x 16¼"

Palm Point: Collage

The goal of this challenge was to make use of curvilinear perspective, which made me think of lines of water and beach that converge in the distance, waves of water coming in to a beach. The near part of the piece came quickly to me, then I decided this part of the beach was a spit of land, going back to sand and water on the other side. The palm trees provide some contrast and somewhat obscure the strictly linear horizon, which certainly could not be other than horizontal! I used eyelash yarn for the palm fronds, sewn on with a cross-hatch kind of stitch that gives some texture to them.

The tiny shells and bits of yarn for seaweed keep the beach from looking too bare, and a bit of shading on the far side adds a sense of distance.

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