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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge



Size: 25½" x 16"

Leaving Home: Collage

This Fast Friday Fabric Challenge called for the expression of a mood through color. The colorful striped fabric started me out; I folded it so that the colors radiated out for the dress. The gold fabric entered into the picture just for the body, but it worked well for the border, with a lace edging over it. I used Angelina fiber for the hair and collar, along with a bit of Lumiere , sequins for the eyes. I had found a tiny gold rose for a flower in the dancer's mouth, but lost it, so I made that out of fabric paint. And the background is from a piece that I bought for His Dream. At any rate, that fabric is not quite something I would generally use, but it added a bright background.

As for the title, Terpsichore is the Greek Muse of Choral Song and Dance, and lent her name to a type of dance from the Middle Ages.

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