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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Cityscape on the River

Size: 12" x 21"


Cityscape on the River: Collage

This is really better as a touchy-feely kind of piece as the main fabric that I used is an Oriental flocked fabric that I picked up a couple years ago. The buttons stand out much more in this photo because of the lighting than they ordinarily do -- except, perhaps, for the three red leaf buttons on the right side. What seems to have happened is that the buildings themselves attracted the buttons to themselves!

I originally had all of the Oriental fabric in a single piece, but then cut it apart and interspersed some other red fabrics, and I sewed windows on one piece with gold thread. And since the shapes did not conform to rectangles, the result is a rather abstract cityscape. I was not certain about the selection of the batik piece for the water, but it forms quite a contrast to the buildings.

The Slide: Collage
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