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Fruit and Flowers

Size: 22" x 15½"


Fruit and Flowers: Collage

At a spring meeting of the Framingham Artists Guild, members brought in vases and flowers along with their preferred art medium and we all worked at depicting the floral arrangements. And with my bag of fabric scraps, I created this still life of Fruit and Flowers. Of course, the finishing work of stitching it all down was done back at home, but the session did prove fruitful for me! The beige background is a coarsely woven burlap. The vase is layered with a light blue, snowflakes cut from another fabric, and a glistening mesh over the whole shape.

The background did seem to need something more, so it is more heavily quilted with lines to emphasize the shapes of the vase and greenery.

The Slide: Collage
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