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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Lupus in Loopiland

Size: 14" x 16½"


Lupus in Loopiland: Collage

Spaceship FFFC has just landed on Planet Loopiland and you’re discovering just how loopy this new world is. Readings indicate the entire planet is covered by water with the only hints of a molten planet interior ~~ the monolithic stone loop and plateau formations that water flows through and under, and that our spaceship sits upon.

This was the basis of the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge, with a required use of loops. Since "loop" suggested "lupine", I added a wolf into the picture, standing on some of the stone loops that are the surface of the planet. The wolf's fur is eyelash yarn, mostly grey with hints of white and yellow. His eye is a drop of fabric paint.

Since my blue bubbly loops blended too closely with the watery background, I ironed on some scraps of fusible interfacing to create contrast.

The Slide: Collage
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