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Moon Shadow

Size: 22" x 25"


Moon Shadow: Collage

This past year, I have at times taken a bag of fabric scraps, scissors and pins, and joined fellow members of the Framingham Artists Guild in the guild room, and assemble collages while they paint, and maybe the creativity is catching, but it surprised me what might come of these sessions. Moon Shadow is one of the pieces that got its start this way, with some helpful comments from these friends.

The background, a dotted material that shades from navy blue to dark pink, is a single piece of fabric. Elements which were added once I had it back home include the moon, made of Angelina® fiber, the Angelina edges around the trees, and the shadows cast by the moon.

Moon Shadow won an Honorable Mention at the Premier Image Regional Art Show, August 30, 2012.

The Slide: Collage
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