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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Night Time Window


Size: 16½" x 14¼"

Winter Stream

The inspiration for Night Time Window was a challenge entitled "Open the Doors of Perception", plus fabric that simply called out "I'm wallpaper!" This is a three-dimensional piece, with the curtains coming out from the background and the little table is actually a little shelf of foam core. I tea-dyed the curtains and tablecloth because they were too light for the contrast I wanted. The bowl is made out of polymer clay and the flowers and leaves are separate pillow-like pieces - the flower piece from the same fabric as the valance. The tablecloth is lace backed with fusible interfacing and edged with the same lace that edges the curtains. The black sky seen through the windows is a glimmery black fabric, backed by a dark silver. The last touch was a scattering of tiny foil stars that I came across in my stash, which I had forgotten that I had.

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