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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge



Size: 22¼" x 22"

Greyscale: Collage

This challenge took me away from my usual liberal use of color in calling for a grayscale color palette to create a non-representational piece. Looking at artwork as it would appear if you removed the color helps to see the contrast in values. Luckily I had enough of black and white fabrics plus a few grays so I could put them together. The white lace adds its own bit of dimension.

My original layout had a black circle, and almost I wish I had stayed with that. The box that I put in instead was a reminder of an airplane's black box, and this was laid out and sewn shortly after the disappearance of the Malaysian plane. I used a bit of spraying of black ink to tone down the light gray behind the box, overlaid it with a couple more light gray scraps, and drew in a few lines, all to try to de-emphasize the box.

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