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Milady's Flowers


Size: 20" x 16"

Milady's Flowers: Collage

The fabrics in Milady's Flowers mostly came from a coordinated set of fat quarters, and the flowers arranged themselves into the red bowl showing how well they belonged together -- with the exception of a couple that fell while making the arrangement!

They did need a bit more contrast to set them off against the wallpaper, so I used a resist to keep the color from migrating into the flowers, sprayed the background with water, and applied some pink ink to set the flowers off better.

There is a sprinkling of beads among the flowers, and a line of pearly beads creating a border.

I first thought I would make this an oval, but with the draped table, that didn't feel right. The rectangle with truncated corners, along with the pearl border, coordinated better with the title, which came to me very early in the creation of this piece.

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