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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Suicide Prevention Week


Size: 23" x 16"

Suicide Prevention Week

While this was a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge, it took me a while to get it to its final form, because my original lettering of the quote was not to my liking, and I finally hit upon re-doing that part on a separate piece of fabric which became a tombstone. I did want to finish it before the end of the year, though.

The challenge was to design a poster to announce or commemorate an officially designated special day. In the days following Robin Williams' suicide, which affected me strongly, I came across a newspaper article about Suicide Prevention Week, which is late in September, and decided on that for my subject. I found a photo of him on-line, changed it to black and white, except for his eyes, and printed it on fabric, then laid out the photo with a dark, irregular frame, the coffin with the table draping, and the words, with the final change to put the quote, which was actually from the actor, on a tombstone. Unlike most of my work, this is not rigid, but hangs from a dowel with a cord.

Since I do not feel that I want to personally profit from this piece, I have donated it to Call2Talk in Framingham, a hotline for people who are seeking help.

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