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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Aquatic Symmetries


Size: 23" x 20"

Framingham Art Guild "Art of the Month" winner, January 2015

Aquatic Symmetries

This is the final Fast Friday Fabric Challenge, #100, and its focus was to combine two or more of the previous 99 challenges which we had not previously done. I took the theme of "Under the Sea" from one challenge, and the technique of Notan from another. The Notan technique originated with paper cutting, and consists of cutting shapes and flipping the cut part to mirror, in reverse, the original area. These can sometimes get to be quite intricate. I kept it simple, but then decided that I could cut and flip from other lines that developed while I was working.

Of the fabrics I selected, the top part was a particularly fortunate choice for this exercise, a batik, which has the same color intensity on both sides. The painted eyes seemed to be needed as finishing touches, and for a change, I opted for a rectangular piece, since the internal shapes came into better focus that way.

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