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Green Landscape


Size: 16¾" x 20¼"

Green Landscape

Batik fabrics have often proved a challenge in making my art work, yet in Green Landscape, there are two pieces that found themselves right at home, the background became a grassy field, and the tree grew an odd swirl of leaves. The green sky is not a batik, merely a light green with a bit of cloud-like variegation, and on top of that, I applied a bit of Angelina™ fiber for a light bit of glitter.

To give my pieces a bit more "pop", I mount the quilted piece on foam core and actually sew through to the back to outline the shapes, and the final step is pulling the edge fabric around to the back and sewing that on. In this case, I used beads to avoid forming a dimple on the front; the ones at the bottom are little pebble beads, and those in the sky are tiny seed beads that match the sky color.

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