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On the Boardwalk


Size: 29" x 23½"

On the Boardwalk

On the Boardwalk incorporates some fabric that has been looking for a home for a while! It began with the striped pieces which became the actual boardwalk, but all running the same direction, but it seemed to work better all going crosswise. Then the wild flora fabric just above the boardwalk is an African wax print, overall a very wild floral fabric, scraps from a dance shirt for my husband. The batik which became the sky could never fit in a realistic piece — but this scene certainly isn't! The blue batik forming the inner shadow below the boardwalk was already sewn to the lighter mottled blue — leftover pieces of one of my two bed quilts. The rest were random pieces that just fit themselves in.

On the Boardwalk won third prize at the 2016 Framingham Artists Guild Summer Art Show and voted "Art of the Month" for the Guild for September 2016.

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