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Blue Trees by the Sea


Size: 24"½ x 21½"

This piece has one of the longest gestation periods of my recent works, started maybe a year ago with the blue fabrics coming together and the grey fabric I used as ocean waves. I wanted to die some of that fabric blue and blue-er, but had misplaced that piece! Once it was all pieced together, I started my usual hand stitching it onto a piece of foam core, but decided to enhance the edges with beads, which slows the whole process down.

The shrubbery on the left has a few of the button rejects from when I used that fabric for a shirt, and made polymer clay buttons in blue on blue for the shirt. Inevitably in the button-making project, there are buttons that missed out on being usable because they get pinched or out-of-shape, but they certainly fit in here. Other beads invited themselves to the rose bush and one of the trees, so I let them stay!

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