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The Rake's Progress


Size: 24" x 32"

One thing I love to find and use are sets of fabric with the same patterns but different colors. In this case I found two such sets, one of maple leaves and the other of oak leaves — but the difference was only in the background; note that some of the leaves, in both trees, have a pale yellow background, and others have black instead. I used the black background in the center of the trees, the yellow for the outer leaves where the trees are less dense.

The oak leaves were smaller, part of the reason I put that tree further back, but it also seemed suitable to sprinkle a few of those on the ground. Toward the end of the process, my husband asked why there were no fallen maple leaves, and after my explanation that they were too big, he suggested leaning a rake on that tree's trunk — and then a change of title from the original "Autumn Oak and Maple"!

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