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Collages - Early

The Ocean Scenes were my first fabric collage pieces, given to my parents as placements (though never used as such!) I only started making others when my parents were both gone and the mats were back in my possession. The next few were made as gifts, since the placemats were too dear to me to give away. And there are a couple pieces which I didn't photograph before sending them out.

Click on pictures or titles for larger images and the stories behind them. Ask about custom art to match your drapery or couch.

Fish Quilt Block
Fish Quilt Block
Cameo: Collage
J.R.R. Tolkien

Flowing Brook
Fish Quilt Block

Memory of Fuji
Memory of Fuji: Collage

House in Winter
House in Winter: Collage

Brick House
Brick House: Collage

Red Tree


The Wood Between the Worlds

Ocean Scenes
Ocean Scene

Free Spirits
Free Spirits: Collage

What the Cat Did!
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