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Handmade Wearable Art

One of a kind clothing, made for you, to your size and your choice of colors and theme! Or consider a gift that will be so perfect that your friend might suspect you're a mind reader. Contact me and we'll create a vest, hat, cape, shirt, skirt or jacket that reflects you to a T!"

My Vest

I wore this vest the first time one of my works appeared at an art gallery Open House - a way to get two pieces shown for the price of one! Best of all, I can wear the dark blue sky blouse, the one with the waterfall fabric, the green leafy tree shirt ... !
Custom Autumn Leaves vest
Autumn Leaves Vest
Petite $40
Handmade Day to Night Vest
Day to Night Vest
Day to Night Vest: Back
modelled by the woman who commissioned it
Black Vest with Foliage
Black Vest with Foliage
Not for sale
Size 14
Purple Vest
Purple Vest -- size 12
Autumn Vest, front Pumpkins and Leaves Autumn Vest

Autumn Vest, front
Vest #1 Vest #2
These smiling girls are my nieces, happy recipients of my collage vests!
Vest #3
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