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Yellow Road

Size: 18" x 20¾"


Yellow Road: Collage

This was my false start to a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge, where I was to use split-complementary colors, that is, a main color plus the two colors on each side of its complementary color. The S curve was also a part of the original challenge, and the road is that element. I had fun laying this out, and decided to lay it aside and do a proper split-complementary piece, and finish this one later.

Realizing that I had pieces with the same pattern and different colors, I wanted to emphasize their similarities by placing them in close context, the little ivy leaves overlapping each other in the upper right, and the bigger pieces with their sprays of leaves more in the foreground. I had more of the red grassy bias strip that I had cut for the original challenge piece, and used most of that to bind this one.

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