Unlovely Wall


Size: 21″ x 27½”


This is the fourth of my protest pieces. While by this time, the subject has receded from the front pages of the newspapers, the idea is so hideous that I had to depict it. I can’t say that I like doing these, or that the results are pretty; they are not meant to be beautiful, but the statements need to be made.

I have again used some fabrics that have seldom been part of my art, though I did use some of the circular motifs from The Wheels Will Still Turn. The slime oozing from underneath represents the poisonous nature of the wall, and the smoke and images on the far side of the wall indicate that it will do no good to those on the other side either.

The hanging wire attached to the grommets is covered by a braid of black, with knots imitating barbed wire. This was not in my original plan, but since I had forgotten to put the loops behind the piece which normally allow for a hidden wire, I made it an element which emphasizes the subject.

All proceeds from the sale of note cards or matted prints will go to the campaign of the 2024 presidential candidate, as well at least half of the sale price of the original when sold.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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