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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Song of Circles

Size: 19┬ż" diameter


Collage: Song of Circles

The Fast Friday Fabric Challenge this month focused on radial symmetry, and I decided to create elements with more-or-less radial symmetry instead of an entirely symmetrical piece. With each fabric, I cut either six identical pieces, as far as the pattern went, or three pairs of identical pieces, and for the darkest piece, just three pieces, matching the patterns for each. I realize this is not, strictly speaking, symmetry, as a mirror reflection would show up differences. The background was made in six segments not specifically matched for pattern, but rather for the effect of a radial pattern, going from the center to the edges.

I added some tint around the edges of my circles, a bit of red around the top and left and green around the lower piece. I've sort of invented a technique, spraying the piece with water and then applying dilute Tsukineko® ink with a paint brush. Finally, I added buttons to center of three of the pieces.

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