Lemon Sky


Size: 25¼” x 22¾”


Lemon Sky contains a bit of recognizable bamboo-like growth against an orange-red background and a bit of alien bushes, along with a tree in autumn color.  With these oddities already in place, grabbing a bit of bright yellow for the sky and a flowery ground which moves between light and darker orange shades fits in for an other-worldly landscape. A rocky patch in oranges and blacks helps to define a path — and in that same fabric I found a quite suitable tree trunk!

The beads embellish the tree itself, and I added some stitchery around the tree’s base and in the edges near the bamboo. The sky seemed just a bit plain and stark, so my final touch was a few stitches that pulled the fabric tighter and created dimples for texture.

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Collage Type

Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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