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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

The Lamp Post


Size: 28" x 18½"

The Lamp Post: Collage

This is a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge piece where elements of chiaroscuro were to be used, with a point source of light. The basic image for this came together quickly, but implementing it was where I spent more time! I generally start with a piece of muslin to put things on - and the piece I pulled out already had a lamp post and a path drawn in, long enough ago that I forget what I had planned. However, a lamp post is certainly a source of light, so I went with that, using some Angelina® fiber for the light, and a bit of tulle for the rays emanating from it. I added some glitter paint as a last touch.

What I had gleaned from some of the links to chiaroscuro was shading from light to dark, and I tried to create a shading effect using diluted ink. The trees and other greenery filled in nicely, but left a blank spot that needed something, and that was the bench with the man asleep on it, with a newspaper over his face to save me from having to draw it!

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