Sky Wolf


Size: 24¼” x 16″


The original focus for Sky Wolf did not involve the wolf at all, but the background fabric, a grey cloudy sky, with a full moon poking through, a night sky framed with the mountain sides with their turquoise flowers and the stony valley below. But the full moon called for the wolf, and the wolf needed to be prominent. He entered the picture as a piece of black translucent gauze, obviously howling, as wolves do, with the stormy sky showing through the ghost-like figure of the wolf. This demanded hand-sewing, rather than done with the sharp edges of machine sewing, so it would not distort the sky itself.

As is my usual habit, I hand sewed all the fabric edges through the foam core backing (this enhances the 3-D effect, not as clear in a photograph, but obvious when viewing the actual piece) and in this case, I used beads along all those edges, and for those edges around the rocky valley, the beads are grey pebbles.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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