Dangerous Directions


Size: 19″ x 22″


This is the second of my protest pieces against the Trump presidency. It uses fabrics that I generally have not liked, pieces with a basically right-angled motif yet forced into curving shapes. Though the piece is framed, the ominous black spiral pushes and crashes into the frame as if coming out of the universe into this limited space, and appears to recede into darkness, then ends with an eruption of flame. The inner curve is lined with red spikes. At points along its length, red tendrils – more flames? – emerge, and here and there, colorful curlicues are caught up and imprisoned.

I see this spiral as the chaotic nature of a self-centered hypocrite, wanting the highest office of the land simply because that is what it is, but unable to push a meaningful agenda because his aim is everywhere and nowhere. There is no consistent direction.

All proceeds from the sale of note cards or prints will go toward the 2024 Democratic presidential candidate, as will at least half of the sale price of the original when sold.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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