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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Winter from the Window


Size: 16" x 20ΒΌ"

Winter from the Window: Collage

This Fast Friday Fabric Challenge was one that I hosted, with the theme "Whether the Weather is Wetter or Whiter" and although I had written the challenge myself, this piece had in no way been planned beforehand, yet worked up very rapidly, from the phrase I wrote in the challenge to "look out the window and see what the weather is" — and I had to include the window in the piece. This is in no way what I see from my window, we had yet to have any significant snow, but from this point the picture built itself!

The trees are black yarn, adapting a technique of "drawing" from branch tip to root to make a tree, with the addition of black eyelash yarn to show the bare twigs. Hard to see in this photo, a layer of white gauze adds the essence of window glass, keeping the coldness outside!

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