Sea Serpent


Size: 18″ x 23″


My stash has a variety of fabrics with rocks, and they occasionally assemble into a beach scene. This is one that I had put together some time ago, but the fabric for the water was just not right, until I found this rather wild pattern of choppy water. This was quite an improvement, but what was missing? A never-before-used piece with an overall snake skin pattern provided the last piece which became the sea serpent, and the completion of the serpent was his head that actually comes out of the surface of the piece.

When all of this came together, it was so rectangular that I got a frame for it. The only part that then still needed work were the brown rocks in the lower right, and a bit of fabric paint helped give them more dimension. I also used fabric paint to give the serpent his eyes. What does not show up so much in a flat photograph is the dimensionality; the rock fabrics have more batting as you go from top to bottom, as well as some shaping by stitching that pulls it in to the back here and there.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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