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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Three and Seven


Size: 14" x 19 "

Three and Seven

Three and Seven came about through a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge based on auspicious numbers. I could not settle on a single auspicious number, so I chose the month and day of my birthday, and made those the central elements. The idea of special numbers seemed to relate to astrology, and I have had the starry constellation fabric hanging around for a number of years now, so I used that for the background. The blue anemone fabric was a find from a store near Berkeley which I found last summer, and it matched the blue in the constellation names, so it became a kind of nebula surrounding the center. I initially used a blue water kind of fabric for the center, but I liked the stark black better. The blue specked fabric made a good transition.

One thing that I can't show here is that the stars in the background glow in the dark!

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