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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Flower Garden


Size: 21½" x 21"

Swamp: Collage

This Fast Friday Fabric Challenge had the theme "Word Play", and I chose words that relate to my love of gardening and my stash of leafy and flowering fabrics. I'm generally a vegetable gardener, but that was simply too many letters! I liked that "flower" had the same number of letters as "garden" so that each flower letter could grow out of a garden letter. I pulled out various of my appropriately floral and leafy fabrics for the letters and put them against a couple brown earthy fabrics.

I mount my pieces on foam core, with the fabric wrapped around to the back, actually stitching through the foam core (it's not hard, I just use a thin needle!), and used pebble beads to avoid the dimples that otherwise form in the fabric, and regular beads in the upper part.

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