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Inspiration, Insight, and Advice

People often ask about inspiration. When does it strike? How do I get inspiration? The answer is, well, sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. A major part of being an artist is recognizing when one needs a break. Much like a writer getting writer’s block, sometimes it’s best to come back to a piece… Read more »

Why to Get Handmade Knit Goods This Winter

a multicolor knit hat made by Tobi

As winter approaches many of us are looking to get hats and mittens. While it’s tempting to go to a big box store, we urge you to reconsider! Often times those knit goods are poorly made, low quality, expensive, and unfortunately can come from ethically questionable factories. Supporting a local artist who makes knit items… Read more »

History of Fiber Art

Collage of a bookshelf

Handcrafting beautiful works of art is not new to humanity. However, as technology continues to progress, the way in which we create does, too! The creative process looks different for everyone, which is part of what makes art so special! Past Fiber Art Fiber art has been around for centuries, however the type as we… Read more »

Tips to Help You Turn Your Art into a Successful Business

While every artist has their own dreams and ambitions, one that most of us share is that one day our artwork will be enough to pay the bills (and then some). Modern technology and outreach opportunities have made that dream a more achievable reality for artists working in all mediums and from all different walks… Read more »

The Benefits of Choosing Handcrafted Over Machine-Made Products

When you’re searching for an item for yourself or to gift to someone else, you want to be sure you’re spending your money on something that’s worth the price. Your first thought is probably to shop at a department store or order off of Amazon, if only for the sake of convenience and selection. These… Read more »