Whirling Star and Tree


Size: 20″ diameter

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Many years ago, I created a mandala with three whirls in black on a white background, and a solid white five pointed star which wasn’t really there, but was implied in the missing parts of the three whirls. So for this challenge, to use negative space in the art work, I decided instead to have a background picture, with a similar whirl pattern.

Making it was harder than I expected. I first laid out the tree, a rather simple one, on a piece of white fabric, then taped together enough paper to make the whirl pattern, cut it out and laid it on top, and it was too big! I ended up cutting three spirals, and laid a star on top, then cut out the star, and decided to make it with lines instead of solid. I pinned the paper on my tree and carefully cut the fabric. Once I satin-stitched the pieces down, I felt I had lost too much of the tree, and added lines of stitching across the white. The star is edge-stitched with gold metallic thread, in part because it didn’t seem to come out as well as I expected.

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