White Tulle Flowers


Size: 20″ x 16 ¾”


A fellow quilt artist gave me some pieces of tulle, and this one white piece with silver sparkles intrigued me. I cut seven circles for each flower (one for the center), plus a bit for the bud, and sewed them onto the background, using some stone pattern fabric for the ground. To make the flowers stand out more, I used fabric paint on the edges, but that wasn’t enough. I learned a technique using shaving cream, of all things, with ink, to create marbled patterns, and applied that to my background, then used some more of the ink to draw in the stems and leaves, with some Angelina® fiber to give sparkle to the leaves.

The flower centers called for a bit brighter yellow, achieved with more of the ink plus some gold beads. Finally, the space up to the left needed a dragonfly, five big beads on a dark green pipe cleaner and more Angelina® for wings.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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