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5 Collage Pieces to Complete Your Cottagecore Aesthetic

collage of a cat sleeping in front of a fireplace

Cottagecore is an aesthetic movement that gained fast popularity in 2020. It combines aspects of farming, outdoors, and rustic crafts and goods. Some decidedly cottagecore items are: fresh produce, fresh baked goods, coffee and tea, cats, vintage clothing, mushrooms, autumn, string instruments, lily pads, florals, and Victorian-esque clothing and art. A large feature of cottagecore… Read more »

History of Fiber Art

Collage of a bookshelf

Handcrafting beautiful works of art is not new to humanity. However, as technology continues to progress, the way in which we create does, too! The creative process looks different for everyone, which is part of what makes art so special! Past Fiber Art Fiber art has been around for centuries, however the type as we… Read more »

What is the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge?

In October of 2006, I came across an on-line group which had started just the month before; it called itself the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge (FFFC). Their goal was to encourage quick work at creating quilted artwork. On the fourth Friday of each month, one group member would post a challenge which included a theme… Read more »

My Creative Process

I firmly believe that everybody can create, and that the direction of that creativity will be unique to the creator.  I came to fabric collage at a point where my husband and I had more than enough clothing, and I wanted to keep on sewing.  I tried making doll clothes for my nieces, and while… Read more »