5 Collage Pieces to Complete Your Cottagecore Aesthetic

collage of a cat sleeping in front of a fireplace

Cottagecore is an aesthetic movement that gained fast popularity in 2020. It combines aspects of farming, outdoors, and rustic crafts and goods. Some decidedly cottagecore items are: fresh produce, fresh baked goods, coffee and tea, cats, vintage clothing, mushrooms, autumn, string instruments, lily pads, florals, and Victorian-esque clothing and art.

A large feature of cottagecore is artfully hand-crafted artwork. In 2020 during the boom of cottagecore, many people began ditching fast made art pieces, and began exploring local artists. Fabric Collages are perfect for cottagecore. Combining different mediums are art and beautiful scenery is a large part of what cottagecore is!

Below are five of Tobi’s collages that are perfect for your cottagecore aesthetic.

Rats in the Cherry Bowl

Rats are decidedly cottagecore- whether it is because they often come with the territory of cottage and farm living, or because they are cute, nobody knows!

At first glance, one sees two adorable rats sneaking some cherries. With deeper inspection, Tobi notes: “Can we hypothesize that the bowl of cherries represents Life? Then the rats are those elements which get in to spoil the best things that life offers, not necessarily out of malice, but solely to satisfy their own appetites”.

Girl on a Swing

This collage features a 3D doll on a swing! There are many different mediums used in this piece, making it a beautifully ornate cottagecore piece.

What the Cat Did!

An adorably charming cat laying on a rug in front of a cozy fireplace: what more can you ask for? This cozy collage evokes warmth and peacefulness.

Bonus: Tobi’s recent piece, Miaow also features not one, but five adorable cats!

Girl With Mandolin

This piece shows a girl playing the mandolin in a beautiful blue dress.

The Well

This piece shows a well in a beautiful setting- evoking autumn with its warm tones.

Each of the above collages are available in their original forms, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of each piece! Each of the above pieces are also linked in their title!

To purchase your collages, and to browse even more, visit my website. If you have any questions about a piece, please email me at service@tobicollage.com, or give me a call at 508-395-2370.