The Well


Size: 19½” x 14″

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A solitary well is a gateway between above and below, with a dark deep interior, hence the subject of tales where the princess loses her ball and a frog may retrieve it. What else may lurk in its depth?

My palette for The Well went to the brown and orange tones, the subject being triggered by the pattern that I used for the well itself. There was, of course, the problem of suggesting a round shape when the pattern does not quite go that way, and I used a bit of ink to shade the edges and take away the flatness. And while I put in a rope going down, I opted to leave out the detail of a crank and pulley; it’s a small well, and one can pull the bucket up with the rope alone!

For a bit more depth behind the well, I tinted the yellow fabric green, which also helps draw the focus to the well. A few small pebbles got scattered at the base of the well, and one bit of ivy started climbing up the side to complete the picture.

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Original, Matted Print, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card


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