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Inspiration, Insight, and Advice

People often ask about inspiration. When does it strike? How do I get inspiration? The answer is, well, sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. A major part of being an artist is recognizing when one needs a break. Much like a writer getting writer’s block, sometimes it’s best to come back to a piece… Read more »

The Importance Of Quality Paper

When you buy art, you want to ensure that the paper it comes on is high quality. No matter how great the art, if it comes on low quality paper it will likely lose some of its “wow” factor. Some paper can be overly shiny, overly matte, too smooth, too textured…the list goes on. When… Read more »

5 Collage Pieces for Animal Lovers

Tobi's collage "Miaow!"

Who doesn’t love animals? Whether you’re mainly a fan of your own pet, or you love each animal as your own, you probably own an item or two with an animal on it. Rather than buying mass produced art, consider purchasing a unique, hand crafted collage. Each collage is made with high-quality materials and is… Read more »

5 Collage Pieces to Complete Your Cottagecore Aesthetic

collage of a cat sleeping in front of a fireplace

Cottagecore is an aesthetic movement that gained fast popularity in 2020. It combines aspects of farming, outdoors, and rustic crafts and goods. Some decidedly cottagecore items are: fresh produce, fresh baked goods, coffee and tea, cats, vintage clothing, mushrooms, autumn, string instruments, lily pads, florals, and Victorian-esque clothing and art. A large feature of cottagecore… Read more »

My First Collage Pieces

Beach Scene Collage made by Tobi Collage

My first collage pieces were made as placements for my parents and were inspired by fabric that showed dramatic turquoise ocean waves, which my husband Curt got for me, along with the leaf fabric that went into the trees. By coincidence, that same summer of ’96, I had gotten the wood grain fabric to make… Read more »

4 Advantages to Shopping for Art Online

Modern online shopping has revolutionized the retail industry. Consumers buy everything online these days—clothing, electronics, furniture, even groceries. The one thing that some people still seem reluctant to buy through the internet though is artwork, especially collectors and other individuals looking for original pieces. Being hesitant to invest in an original artwork you haven’t seen… Read more »

3 Reasons to Buy Your Artwork from Independent Artists

Original Fiber Art for Sale Online

Finding the right piece of art to display in your home can be both exciting and challenging. You want something that will be fresh and unique in your space, but that still falls within your price range. While you could head to your local home goods store and grab something from the mass-produced “wall art”… Read more »