The Importance of Quality Paper

When you buy art, you want to ensure that the paper it comes on is high quality. No matter how great the art, if it comes on low quality paper it will likely lose some of its “wow” factor. Some paper can be overly shiny, overly matte, too smooth, too textured…the list goes on. When the right paper is used, it makes the entire piece radiant.

When you go to my website, you’ll notice that most pieces have the same drop down menu: Original, 8×10 Print, and Note card. I print each of my note cards and 8×10 prints on a wonderful, high-quality paper, that adds vibrancy and life to each print. I use a metallized paper that brings out a brilliance that is better understood when seen than merely described.

Below is a testament to the brilliance of the paper I use, as well as several photos showing the prints!


“I had the opportunity to see first-hand the high quality of Tobi’s prints and note cards. Comparing the prints on the metallized paper to those on classic paper, the difference is obvious. No matter the level of light, or if they are neatly stacked on a shelf or hung to the wall, the metallicized paper is spotted each time. The best way to describe it is a natural pearlescence- it isn’t a chunky glitter or an artificial shine. The paper itself has the beautiful luster of a high-quality pearl. The luster comes out across the entire image and helps show depth within the images.
As you can see, the artwork itself is fantastic and it’s amplified by the metallized paper. The luster of the paper has a way of catching your eye, making each color more vibrant and showing the depth within each image. It also highlights the lighter colors to helps show depth within the images. The vibrancy cannot be understated, and with over 200 collages, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to buy art for your loved ones or as a gift to yourself this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with a print or collage from Tobi.”

I have been making art for years, and I do it because I love it. For inspiration, knowledge, and tips, visit my blog! To view some of my knitted items, or my collages, browse my website. If you have any questions about a piece, please email me at