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Jungle Leaves


Size: 20½" x 19"

Jungle Leaves: Collage

The inspiration for this collage came during a hike through jungle in Belize, while looking for monkeys. Our guide pointed out various plants to us, one of which he compared to Velcro because it would stick on fabric. I ended up sticking it onto my brightly-colored handbag which I had bought from a Mayan woman. My husband took a picture of the handbag with the leaf, and I used that as my pattern.

Each leaf is big, larger than a man's hand. I cut its shape from five different green fabrics, and sewed them on a bright woven mat that I bought in Belize, actually in the airport since I hadn't been able to find a suitable piece after the monkey hike. The veins are quilted on in a different contrasting green thread for each leaf.

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