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Farmers Market

Size: 28" x 38"

Not for sale

Farmer's Market: Collage

This is the year that my town instituted its own Farmers' Market, and in my stash I have had a collection of "produce" fabrics which just called out to be used. I began with the berries at the bottom, and after constructing the three baskets, decided that three such baskets was enough, and the vegetables deserved bigger boxes and the apples could go into a bowl! In my final step, which is stitching through the foam core backing, I placed my stitches so that they bring out a bit of dimension to the produce.

Now it does not take a farmer to realize that you are very unlikely to see all these various items at an outdoor market at the same time, but at least at any time during the growing season, some of these will be available!

The Slide: Collage
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