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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Sunflowers Outdoors

Size: ~17" x 12"


Sunflowers: Collage

This Fast Friday Fabric Challenge asked for a style choice from art history to create a quilt featuring flowers and it was the flowers of Emil Nolde that got me started, using Tsukineko® inks and painting directly on a piece of muslin, and then thread-painted over that. However, it all seemed too diffuse and unsatisfying, so I went on from there with beads, and did heavier beading than I have ever done before. The beads in the centers of the flowers were simply glued in en mass which gives a more nubbly texture. As a shortcut, I used Shrinky-Dinks® (a sheet of plastic which shrinks with heat) for the leaves, which came out nice and bright. As a final touch, I painted with a clear glitter paint in strokes away from the flowers.

The Slide: Collage
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