3 Reasons to Choose Fiber Art Over Paintings for Your Walls

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No home is complete without art on the walls. Whether it’s family photos, shelving filled with accessories, traditional paintings, prints, or sculpture artwork, you need something to occupy all that bare space in order to make a room look cohesive.

Paintings are typically the most popular type of art used to fill up walls, since there’s a wide variety available in abundance. But why not adorn your vertical space with something a little more interesting and different? Like fiber art! Consider these reasons why fiber art hangings are a better choice than standard paintings for the walls of your home:

1) Make your space unique.

Fiber art wall hangings don’t just add color and scenery to a room, but also texture, shape, and a unique energy too. Fabric pieces offer a dimensional beauty for your space that paintings and prints simply can’t. Fiber art also tells a story and sets a scene so eye-catching that it establishes the atmosphere for the entire room.

2) Fiber art is often more affordable.

Although you can find low-cost, mass-produced options for both fiber art and paintings at many department stores, when it comes to original and custom pieces, fiber art is typically the more affordable choice. Especially when you consider the size of the piece you’re getting for the price, fabric wall hangings definitely come out on top. You only need one to complete your wall, while a similarly-priced painting will be smaller and leave more empty wall space for you to fill.

3) Enjoy acoustic benefits.

Fiber art on your wall has more than just aesthetic benefits; it has some practical benefit too. Because it is a soft surface, a fabric piece will absorb extra noise instead of bounce it around the room like the hard surface of a painting or the wall itself. A little bit of noise insulation can go a long way.

If you’re searching for one-of-a-kind fiber art to bring your walls to life, check out the selection of collage quilts available at Tobi Collage. With so many different colors, scenes, stories, and styles to choose from, you can find a piece to complete the look and energy of any room.

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