How to Care for an Art Quilt

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A handcrafted art quilt is a unique work of fine art that can be held onto for many years and even passed down as a family heirloom. Textiles are more durable than you may think. After all, museums around the world display works of fiber art that date back hundreds or thousands of years ago. With proper care, you’ll be able to treasure yours for years to come too.

Use this quick guide to take care of your new art quilt, so it can adorn the walls of your family for generations!

Displaying Your Quilt

Handle and hang your art quilt as you would any other type of fine art piece—carefully and thoughtfully. The entire width of the quilt must be supported while displayed. Most art quilts are made with a hanging sleeve or other hanging mechanism, which makes this easy.

Try to attach your hanging fixtures so that the back of the quilt does not touch the wall, to help keep air circulating and protect it against any accumulated moisture. Hang your art quilt somewhere that is not exposed to high heat, humidity, or direct light, which can cause moisture damage, mold/mildew growth, or color fading.

Cleaning Your Quilt

Always wash your hands before handling your quilt for cleaning, as the natural oils of your skin can settle on it and attract dust and debris. Never use water or chemicals on an art quilt. If it needs to be laundered, take it to a textile professional, so that you do not risk damaging it.

You may use a vacuum to periodically clean your quilt. To prevent any damage to the image or fibers, you must adjust the suction strength of your vacuum before using it on your art quilt. You can do this by covering the nozzle of your upholstery attachment with nylon (such as pantyhose) or using a micro brush.

Storing Your Quilt

If your art quilt needs to be stored, you should always try to store it flat. Cover it with acid-free tissue paper or a clean, white cotton sheet to protect it from light, dust, and other potential damage. Store your quilt in an area with good circulation, consistent temperatures (between about 65-72°F), and consistent humidity levels (between about 50-55%).

If you are limited on space or your quilt is too large to store flat, do not fold it. Instead, cover it in the acid-free tissue paper and roll it with the image side out. Keep it in a tube or cylinder for additional protection.

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